1. All barbers licensed to practice barbering in North Dakota must complete a minimum of six hours of continuing education every two years.

2. "Continuing education" means:

  • a. Seminars or workshops conducted by barber and cosmetology supply dealers or barbers licensed in this state, if an affidavit is signed by the person conducting the seminar or workshop indicating that the barber has attended the seminar or workshop. Any seminar or workshop conducted by a barber licensed in this state must be preapproved by the board.
  • b. Registration and attendance at the board's annual state barber convention.
  • c. Correspondence courses by video, if accompanied by a worksheet to be filled out and returned to the board.
  • d. Any other education that relates to or increases competence in the practice of barbering, if approved by the board.

3. This section does not apply, and continuing education is not required, under the following circumstances:

  • a. A barber whose license has not been revoked or suspended may request inactive license status. While on inactive status, the barber may not engage in the practice of barbering for more than twenty days per calendar year. If inactive status is approved, the barber must continue to submit an annual renewal application and pay the annual license fee, but is not subject to the continuing education requirements in this section. Before approval will be given by the board to return to active status, a barber must complete at least three hours of continuing education if on inactive status for less than two years, or at least six hours of continuing education if on inactive status for two years or more.
  • b. The continuing education requirement in this section may be waived by the board upon request of a barber for reasons of health, military service, or other good cause if adequate proof is provided to the board.



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